Who we are

Nat-Phen Nutrition

Nat-Phen Nutrition is an additives company specialized in polyphenols from plant extracts for animal nutrition.

Nat-Phen products favors the health improvement to reduce conventional drugs use.

A versatile and professional team grouped to better serve you!

Yves Marchand Agr. is the CEO for Nat-Phen Nutrition East Division which includes East side of North America. Graduating from Animal Agronomy at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Yves has been able to create many formulas for animal health. He had the opportunity to travel around the world to conduct researches with the collaboration of prestigious institutions to develop a range of effective products with a polyphenol base.

A unique concept in animal nutrition

Nat-Phen is more than an additive company, it is a unique concept in animal nutrition.

Nat-Phen offer a pledge of innovation. After 19 years or research in polyphenols from plant extracts and their effects on the animal body, in real industrial production, Nat-Phen has been able to produce a line of products in the form of unique premixes, precise, 100% natural and which respect the animal health and welfare.

Nat-Phen offer a pledge of quality. The company is established in Montreal. Nat-Phen produces products with raw materials of superior quality and origin.

Nat-Phen also gives a particular importance to the respect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in production.


Nat-Phen is the specialist in polyphenols to help improve and optimize animal nutrition.


Nat-Phen offer to its customers economic and natural solutions while respecting animal welfare and the environment.


Ethic and Honesty

Key words to remember with the Nat-Phen Nutrition Program

Natural technology

Animal Welfare




Healthier Animals



The reason for being of Nat-Phen Nutrition

Nat-Phen Nutrition products favor stress resistance. They are an effective control of anemia and other deficiencies.

Nat-Phen offer a new generation of products entirely natural and composed with plant extracts. Their new effective formulas create a winner recipe for the health of your animals and to help their growth.

Nat-Phen products are made with a natural cereals base with polyphenols from plant extracts mix with essential oils with many proven properties. These mixes are only the best for animals.

Nat-Phen proposes products easily digestible. The proven formulas are approved by veterinarians, animal nutritionists and breeders

Even in the best conditions, essential vitamins and minerals cannot be found in feed, even the best feed in the market. Consequently, animals will have deficiencies to fill. Nat-Phen have found additives formulas to meet nutritional needs in a cost-effective way.

Antibiotic free: it is more than just a trend, it is a think of mind and now, a law!

Antibiotic reduction in flocks and herds in North America is a hot topic. Large food chains have already banned antibiotics in their restaurants. Like an example, McDonald’s restaurants have attained goal to limit antibiotics before other chains. They have achieved their goal of eliminating the use of antibiotics important to human medicine from their chicken supply chain earlier than expected, the company announced.

The polyphenols

Polyphenols are molecules produced in the secondary metabolism of plants. The importance of polyphenols grows continuously because of their positive impact on health. They are naturally present in red fruits, red wine, mint, citrus, green tea, curcuma, apple, cabbage, and many other plants. The scientists are not all agree how many families exist. Is it 3, 4 or 5? However, Nat-Phen Nutrition focus it products only on fifteen specific molecules with different dosages. When you have the right mix of polyphenols, you can help to product against diseases, cure inflammation and cardiovascular diseases and act like powerful antioxidants to help cell regeneration.

The polyphenol family by David Mark A. PhD.


Farmers who use polyphenols have noted that they help to protect against diseases

Polyphenols molecules are phytochemical compounds that allow plants to protect themselves against infections and damages caused by microorganisms. Phytochemical compounds produced by plants have antibacterial and antifungal functions. Introduced in these products, Nat-Phen offer a protection against diseases for animals and an health fortification by increase of the immune system. A decrease of diseases decreases the mortality in herds and flock to improve benefits and animal welfare.

Farmers have noted that polyphenols help to cure inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases

Some polyphenols act like a powerful anti-inflammatory like the polyphenols from tea, chamomile, garlic, thyme, rosemary and many other herbs, fruits and vegetables. They help to reduce muscle inflammation and muscular pain by the reduction of stress.

The power of antioxidants

Polyphenol molecules are an important source of antioxidants because they have a chemical structure ideal to absorb the free radicals.

Polyphenol molecules are more powerful antioxidants than vitamins.

What is an antioxidant:

Air that breathe is used like fuel for our cells. This combustion generate wastes called free radicals. An antioxidant is simply a molecule that transforms the free radicals in products to decreases damaging effects.

In other words, an antioxidant decreases to prevents the oxidation of other chemical substances. All living beings need dioxygen to stay alive. Dioxygen is a reactive molecule damaging cells. Although organisms have an antioxidant system, that is not always enough to prevent cell damages. So, a lack of antioxidant enzymes can bring a stress that could damage or destroy cells. Stress is the principal cause of many diseases. That is why taking products with antioxidant properties are often used to treat vascular problems.

The animal welfare

The animal welfare is a priority to improve production. It is essential in modern production to treat animals well. Furthermore, the result is finished products of better quality. The meat tastes better. The cows produce more milk. The eggs are of high quality.

The scientific formula of polyphenols of Nat-Phen demonstrates significant reduction of stress. We can see an improvement of the welfare by production in animals more endorphins and a better productivity.

Our product actions

  • Immunity improvement
  • Speed of action
  • Helps to energize metabolism
  • Improve fertility
  • Reduction in stress
  • Inflammation
  • Improvement in digestive health
  • Helps growth
  • Increase weaning