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*Veterinary product

Avinium lower pain and fever in flocks. It is a complex mix of plant extracts that promotes the absorption of calcium and helps reduce stress.

The use of polyphenol mixes of Nat-Phen helps to control the bad cytokine that interferes with the proper immune response and therefore favors a better immune system.

Avinium helps to energize metabolism. The feeding of the polyphenol mix of Nat-Phen shows improvement in the reduction of ketone body and decrease insulinoresistance in the animal. Hens and broilers with the Nat-Phen program that includes Neomine show an increase in appetite.

Avinium improve fertility. The use of this additive with the synergy of polyphenols and vitamins helps to control oxidative stress, inflammation and body regulation.

Reduction in stress, inflammation and improvement in digestive health can be observe on hens and broilers that takes Avinium. Actives ingredients in the product have properties that are effective in improving production, eggs and meat quality. Among the ingredients are licorice, which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and peppermint which is calming to the animals.

Faster health improvement promotes more benefits. It is the reason why the speed of action is that important in production. The right mix of polyphenols from Nat-Phen products is rapidly absorbed to give quick results. Quicker results bring more than only economic growth, it brings a better welfare for animals.

The animal welfare must be a priority for Nat-Phen but also for poultry producers because it improves production. The scientific formula of polyphenols demonstrates significant reduction of stress, therefore improving welfare by producing more endorphins and a better productivity.

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