Who we are

Natural products entirely composed of plants

Nat-Phen Nutrition offers natural products entirely composed of plants, verified and approved by veterinarians, animal nutritionists and livestock breeders.

Increase the yield of your livestock and your profits with Nat-Phen!

Our products

Decrease livestock stress, disease and mortality. Increase weight gain and fertility!

Our products include polyphenols, a molecule found naturally in many plants and fruits.

Your livestock will benefit in these areas:

  • Growth
  • Fighting diseases
  • Reproduction
  • Transport
  • Fertility
  • Inflammation and stress
  • Immunity
  • Countering diarrhea
  • Antioxidant effects

We offer products for:

Even in the best conditions, acreages lack essential vitamins and minerals. These, therefore, are wanting in pastures and feed. Nat-Phen can help! Our products are made of wheat, corn, wheat meddling and mixed essential oils with many benefits for your livestock.